Outbound Marketing Training Programs

Broadcast Your Message to the World


Social Media has become a pervasive and necessary tool for business to reach their audience and engage with their customers, but how can your message break through the clutter? Have you ever noticed that dog and family pictures get hundreds of reactions, but posts about your products or services reach single digits? Learn how content strategies and advertising can set your brand apart and reach your targeted personas.

Learning Objectives:

  • Conduct Organizational Audit – where does your organization or partner organization stand, what is the messaging strategy, what can be improved?
  • Social Media Strategy – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogging, which channels are right for which purpose?
  • Create Social Media Marketing Plan – analyze the internal/external environment, identify target audience/personas, select proper channels.

    Students best fit for the program are new marketers, small business owners, or marketing managers.

    2 hrs/week, 6 weeks

    Learn content & advertising strategies for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, & more

    Run social media campaigns for your organization or a local business

    Cost: $595

    YouTube & Display Expert

    If you didn’t already know, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine behind Google. If you want to leverage this powerful advertising platform, this class will teach you how. You’ll also learn to leverage the Google Display Network to promote your organization and drive web traffic.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Create Brand Awareness – generate brand awareness in the most cost effective way possible through banner ads.
    • Generate Interest – learn to target your ads & leverage remarketing techniques to drive traffic to your website.
    • Track Return on Investment – branding doesn’t always have a positive ROI, but learn best practices to track, report, & optimize your display campaigns to achieve that goal.
    • YouTube Advertising Techniques  – learn how to promote videos on the Google Display Network (in-stream), in the YouTube search/related categories (discovery), and through bumper (in-video) ads.

    Students best fit for the program are new marketers, small business owners, or marketing managers.

    2 hrs/week, 15 weeks

    Prepare for Google Video & Display certifications

    Run YouTube & banner ad campaigns for your organization or a local business

    Prerequisite: AdWords 101 or passing score on the Google AdWords Fundamentals exam

    Cost: $1,495

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