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UI Design Program Description

User interface design integrates both the visual appearance of website features and the responsiveness of the user’s interaction on all platforms: desktop, mobile, and tablet. This requires an in-depth understanding of how to ensure the interface and usability of a website facilitates easy action for the user. These interface design elements, also referred to as calls-to-action, include input controls, navigational tools, informational features, and containers.

The User Interface (UI) Design Bootcamp teaches students how to develop a full assessment and implement interface design improvements during a 2-week session to enhance the user experience while increasing lead generation and conversions. Each student is assigned and responsible for a user interface design overhaul for a business that has requested online advertising support. Collaboration between the students, businesses, and expert instructors creates a hands-on, experiential learning environment.

This program also prepares students to complete the Google Analytics IQ certification exam, which teaches digital analytics core principles and understanding of Google Analytics reports.

Students best fit for the program are marketers, entrepreneurs, web designers, content writers, and anyone looking to improve their web presence.

2 weeks full-time

10 days of instruction

Google Analytics IQ certification

1 business solution

Cost: $1,995

 YouTube & Display Expert

Cost: $1,495

 Social Media

Cost: $595

 UI Design Bootcamp

Cost: $1,995

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